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Virtual Hen/Bridal Shower

With everyone getting use to the world we are living in right now and coming to terms with so many of the cancelled events, which we spent so much time planning for, we are all looking for new and fun ways to celebrate those special moments. Let’s not forget that some brides may be feeling a little down due to their events being cancelled, so let’s still celebrate their day how it should have been celebrated! Events may have been postponed but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the day a little special.


Virtual hens are a great way to still meet up with your girlies and have some fun, play games, music, have drinks and more! Get your family and friends around the world to be involved and be as creative as you like. Plan it yourself or have your chosen bride squad to plan it for you!




Figure out what platform you would like to host the hen on. For bigger groups and also ease of use, we would recommend apps such as Houseparty, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger video call. Keep in mind that Zoom has a 40 minute cap on calls unless you upgrade your account. Make sure to plan this bit in advance and check in with all members to limit technical difficulties on the day!




Keep the excitement up by sending e-invites! There are loads of templates on the internet that you could use. Paperless Post have some funky designs:

Party Playlist


Create a playlist that you can share with all the members before the hen starts. There are many music streaming devices that allow you to share your playlist, or send a link to your playlist. Add in all the tracks that you know will get the girls going!




Choose a theme for the hen and centre all decorations and activities around this theme! A popular theme for a hen do is a Rose Gold theme. Make sure everyone who will be joining has some DIY crafty decorations stuck up behind them, or at least be dressed in line with the theme! A few ideas include balloons, tassels and banners.



Make it a fun event with a dress code fit for a hen! Hitched shared some of their favourites including a ‘keeping it cool’ with a pyjama party, using your bedsheets for a Greek-themed toga party, having to wear ‘anything but clothes’ to make up your outfit, and a simple black and white theme. Get glammed up for the hen!




Get all the girls to order the same take-away and have a few snacks out during the hen. Discuss beforehand and try and order around the same time. Choose from pizzas, Chinese, Thai, you name it! You could all choose anything you fancy, which comes with the joy of a virtual hen. Remind the girls to pick up some snacks such as popcorn, crisps and chocolate on their next food shop to snack on during all the activities.




Make sure you all keep the drinks flowing! If you’d normally be drinking at your hen do, then don’t do anything differently for your virtual affair. Whether it’s champagne, beer, or cocktails (which you could even make together as an on-air activity with YouTube tutorials), have plenty of alcohol flowing to keep things fun, relaxed, and easy.





There are so many activities that can lead to you all having the best time! We have listed a few below with some links for you to easily follow. Pick out your best activities and be prepared!



Make sure you have prepped the girls for this so they have all the ingredients they need! Fun way to bake up some goodies together. Enjoy this quick and easy recipe for Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes:


Cocktail making

Make a cocktail to enjoy together! Here’s how to make an easy Sex on the Beach:



We recommend Netflix Party! Get all the girls on the same link and chat away through the movie! A chick flick would be fitting! Or go down the route of a horror… your choice! Make sure you have all installed the app first:



Create a quiz with all the questions relating to the bride-to-be! When did the couple first meet? Where did they go on their first date? What’s her favourite colour?


Treasure hunt

This is a fun one! Create some riddles. Everyone has to work them out, and once they have they have to run and grab the item in their house. First one to get it and show it to you wins the point! For example:


When you see it, you seem some bristles, you put it inside your mouth, but they don’t whistle.




Some more ideas:


2 minute make-up challenge

Drinking Games


Advice for the bride

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