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Asian Wedding Events

We have put together some beautiful and fun backdrops for different wedding events. With a range of colours to choose from, matching drapes and cushions, we can curate a backdrop just for you. These are a great addition for picture perfect moments for yourself and your guests.

Backdrops (8ftx8ft)

- Backdrop drapes (with a wide range of colours)

- Hanging garlands (different shapes and sizes)

- Side tables

- Cushions (matching to the theme)

- Umbrellas

- Floor Material


- Bench

- Mehndi signs, suitcases and props

- Garlands around a marquee

- Staircase decor

BLOOM Package

- Backdrop drapes (choice of colours and shades) 
- Hanging garlands (different shapes and sizes)
- Gold hoop with florals 
- Gold stands with floral arrangements 
- Low tables with gold plates 
- Bench
- Multiple cushions (matching theme) 
- Floral arrangement under bench 
- Medium gold vase with floral arrangements 
- Large rattan vase with floral arrangements 
- Rug 
- Set of 3 trunks (yellow, pink and pastel green) 
- Additional pots, vases, plates, flowers, lanterns and garlands

Get in touch with us for more information.

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